2015 | Commercialization of Clean Technology: Extracting Value from Universities and National Labs – VerdeExchange Conference

2014 |How A Collaborative Effort Can Prevent A Worst Case Climate Scenario – Breaking the Wall of the Global Energy Challenge

2014 | A technical and operational perspective on the DOE Innovation hub in fuels from sunlight – HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study Distinguished Speaker

2012 | Big Think Videos – The Scale of the Energy Challenge is Shocking | Everybody hates a blackout | The Key to Solving the Energy Crisis: A Leaf? | Technology got us into this mess | Don’t blame scientists! | Rolling the dice with our planet

2011 | Reinventing the Leaf: Future Sources of fuel  – Compass Summit

2010 | Solar Energy 101 – Global Climate and Energy Project Symposium at Stanford University

2009 | Powering the Planet – Roger Revelle Centennial Symposium

2008 | Solar Energy for transportation fuel – Berkeley Lab Lecture

2008 | Where in the world will our energy come from? – JPL/NASA Theodore von Karman Lecture Series

2006 | Prospects for a more climate-friendly electricity supply – Aspen Ideas Festival

2005 | Powering the Planet – Caltech Watson Lecture Series

2004 | The Future of Power and Energy in the World – Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics Colloquim, UC Santa Barbara