Getting Safety Trained in the Lewis Group

Welcome to the Lewis group safety site! If you are interested in being safety trained in the Lewis Group labs located in Noyes, the Beckman Institute, and Jorgensen, please read through the information on this page.

General Information

Since the Lewis group is part of the Division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (CCE), we follow the chemical safety procedures outlined by Caltech EH&S and the division.

  • Safety training in Noyes is held once a month on the first Monday of the month. Please contact the current safety officers listed below if you are interested in being trained. Safety training for Jorgensen and the Beckman Institute should be directly scheduled with the safety officer for those buildings.
  • If you are going to be safety trained in Noyes, you can also choose to read through the Lewis Group Specific Training. We will also review this document thoroughly during safety training in Noyes.
  • If you are planning on using the Lewis group XRD located Noyes 217, you must also receive x-ray safety training through EH&S. Check out Caltech Safety Training Courses for more information on when these are held.

Further Training Opportunities

  • The LBL training site also has additional training opportunities. Look for course numbers starting with EHS or click EHS in the SEARCH sidebar for relevant safety training.

Graduate students and Postdocs

Access to Noyes, Beckman Institute, and Jorgensen buildings, will be granted after safety training with the respective Lewis Group Safety Officers indicated under the contact information.

Undergraduate students and SURF scholars

Undergraduate students and visiting summer students, such as those funded through the SURF or Amgen scholars program, must be safety trained if they are going to be in any of the Lewis group labs at any time. According to division-wide policies, undergraduate students must be supervised at all times in lab by their direct mentor. As a result of this policy, all mentors for undergraduate students must also be safety trained in all the Lewis group labs that their student is trained in so they can supervise their students.

Lewis Group Safety Officer Contact Information

Sean Byrne is the safety officer in Noyes and can be contacted at See Sean for safety information specific to Noyes building labs.

Maureen (Mo) Morla is the safety officer in Beckman Institute and can be contacted at See Mo for safety information specific to Beckman Institute labs.

Shaoyang Lin (Postdoc in See Group) is the safety officer in Jorgensen and can be contacted at See Shaoyang for safety information specific to Jorgensen building labs.

Lewis Group Noyes Bldg. Safety Check-In Sheets


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