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The Lewis Group specializes in semiconductor materials, nanostructure fabrication, (photo)electrochemistry, and energy systems. We address interdisciplinary challenges and bring together scientists with backgrounds in chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science and applied physics. In 2023, we are excited to welcome new graduate and undergraduate students as well as postdoctoral scholars. Interested individuals should contact present members for information about opportunities.   

Recent News

18 November 2020: Web of Science Group recognizes Prof. Nate Lewis as a Highly Cited Researcher in 2018, 2019 and 2020. See the list

28 August 2018: Prof. Nate Lewis solar fuels research highlighted on Xploration Station’s “Nature Knows Best” series. Watch the clip

17 July 2018: Read Prof. Nate Lewis’ chapter on the research progress towards a solar fuels generator. Read the rest of the book: (Vol. 1/Vol. 2)

24 January 2018: Prof. Nate Lewis is featured on CNN.  Watch the video

12 December 2017: Prof. Nate Lewis is elected to the National Academy of Inventors.  Read the article

22 June 2017: Prof. Nate Lewis is interviewed for Take Two on KPCC about why solar panels are less efficient in extreme heat environments. Listen to the interview

2 June 2017: Prof. Nate Lewis is interviewed for the Innovation Hub program on WGBH. Listen to the interview highlighting the process of making fuels from sunlight.

14 March 2017:  Prof. Nate Lewis and group members are featured on Bill Gates’ blog following a visit to our labs last Fall.  Read the blogpost and watch the video

20 October 2016:  Bill Gates visits Caltech and the Lewis Group labs.  Read the article

24 September 2016: Prof. Nate Lewis is interviewed by Leonard Zane about Affordable Alternative Energy and Solar Fuels for the Science Solutions program on KGEM-TV. Watch the interview

24 August 2016: Midwest Energy News interviews Prof. Nate Lewis and reports on the current status of solar fuels research. Read the article

22 August 2016: Chicago Tribune highlights the recently published work in solar fuels at UIC with comments from Prof. Nate Lewis. Read the article

15 June 2016: Prof. Nate Lewis testifies at a hearing of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee of Science, Space, and Technology Subcommittee on Energy on the topic of Innovation in Solar Fuels, Electricity Storage, and Advanced Materials. Watch video

09 June 2016:  Nature Energy highlights Lewis Group research on efficient water-splitting devices incorporating bipolar membranes. Read the highlight

29 February 2016: Lewis Group solar fuels research was highlighted by Bill Gates during an interview with Scientific American.

22 January 2016: “Research Opportunities to Advance Solar Energy Utilization” published in the journal Science.